I’ve been thinking about creativity more than usual.
After what seemed like eons of inactivity, I’ve come full circle. I’ve regained control over my creative life, producing art, not only consuming it in loads.
It’s easy to get sidelined by TV, social media, and YouTube.
Sure, it can be a great source of inspiration, but it can also freeze us in a creative paralysis.
For me the solution has been to rekindle my love for the power of a creative schedule.
With a little help from Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography.
So much is published about organization, de-cluttering and time management.
Everyone has a strategy. Everyone has something to add.
And every creative strategy can and should get improved.
Even Benjamin Franklin went back to the drawing board of his daily schedule often. The rest of us are no different. The process of evolving, assessing and getting to know ourselves it’s ongoing. And there lies the self-empowering truth.
The structure of our creativity will take many forms. The point is to harness the powers that it unleashes.
This doesn’t happen by chance.
It takes trial and error. It takes building, tearing down and rebuilding the fulfilling life we want.
I enjoy the empowering feeling and freedom of a daily routine. Here are the four powerful keys that have unlocked my creativity:

Use the power

1. The  power of purpose
Having a clear intention, for your day and your life in mind, gives you a target to commit to and work toward.
2. The power of progress
Set achievable, daily bite-size goals for yourself. Tracking those goals, will boosts your confidence. Furthermore, it will keep at bay the procrastinating elephant in the room.
3. The power of knowledge
Having a measure of control over your day, in the form of a simple routine, gives your mind a mental break.
  • It also provides you with:
  • a sense of self-made security
  • a sense of control over some aspects of your day and life
  • the flexibility that leaves space for surprises
This will also give you a greater self-knowledge through re-evaluation of our progress and purpose.
4. The power of a single day
We must rethink the 24 hours’ time-frame.
Break through its “limits” with time management, mindful rituals and moments of gratitude.

Where should you begin?

  • Start with a blank page.
  • Write down the hours of the day and the tasks that should take place at those times.
  • Put the schedule in motion and review it.
  • Write a second version and copy it on a medium size white board in your creative space, for quick self-checks.
It will change, as you learn more about yourself. The hours you’re most productive in, the activities you want to keep and those that must go.
Everybody’s scheduled creativity will look different and authentic, and that’s its brilliant result.
Take time to embrace these empowering keys. Develop your own schedule and assess it daily. I am sure you will discover what your purpose is and what gives meaning to your life.
There are days when I cannot hit all the base tasks on my schedule. There are days where other responsibilities have priority.
There are days when I move tasks around. I have total control and authority to do this. And you’ll have total control and authority over yours.
And, there are days when I manage to check off every task. When I manage to complete every bit-size goal. When every simple ritual gets done and every one of my life’s passions gets its time and attention. Those are days when these passions bring forth unexpected surprises. In those days, anything is possible.
Make room for that kind of day in your life!
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