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It’s so important that we creatives share our gift with the world.

But that’s easier said than done.

Artists face countless rejections and often struggle to sell their work.

You really wish this wasn’t the case, but it is  – and the thought of more negative feedback fills you with dread.

It’s hard to imagine a different reality when bills are due and cash is tight.

As a result, what we are left with is a tension between wanting to turn art into a livelihood and believing it is possible. An uneasy feeling which can make the road ahead feel more terrifying than exciting.

However, if I can do it, then every single artist can put an end to their struggles.

After graduating, I felt ready to take the art world by storm. however, soon dark clouds started rolling in, making everything seem overcast and gloomy.

I was jealous of other artists, their work and success. What did they know that I didn’t? What were they doing that I wasn’t?

It soon dawned on me that University did not prepare me for the life of a real artist.

I had no idea what to do and how to start selling my paintings.

The one emotion I experienced was anxiety. Can I really make it? What do I do now?

All my friends are getting jobs making $70,000 year. Where does this leave me?

I was stuck, so engrossed with trying to find a way out of this hole that I didn’t even allow myself to be creative.

I’ve realized that what I am most interested in is promoting and selling the work of other talented contemporary artists.

So, I’ve set up a gallery in 2001. The gallery was my way of learning the ropes and helping fellow artists along the way. I’ve not looked back since.

Over the years, I’ve curated several exhibitions in London, represented artists at international art fairs and had the pleasure to introduce them to my network of worldwide art professionals.

There are no golden tickets and there is no prescribed or straightforward career path for an artist. However, this blog is about encouraging you to be inventive and entrepreneurial with your career and your art.

But more importantly, I want you to have the tools to make smart choices about art and turn your frustration into something positive – inspiration and fuel for your next artwork – to be more specific.

So, if art is what you live and breathe, and you can’t function without it then this blog is for you.

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