I truly admire Kotaro’s work. He creates beautiful abstract paintings with bright colours.

Based in Japan, Kotaro Machiyama distils colours and shapes seen in natural landscapes. He is a great master in simplifying their forms while capturing their complexities.

The flat planes of colour portray a depth of field that isn’t common in abstract painting. It transports the viewer outside of the present moment.

The artist does some drafting on Photoshop before painting an image, and this seems appropriate given that the crisp lines seem almost digitally rendered.

He creates a reconstruction that is idealized, but not easy to read, forcing the viewer to fit the disparate forms together and mentally construct the landscape.

And trust me when I say that his paintings look even better in the flesh than they do online!

abstract painting by Japanese artist
Artwork: Corner by Kotaro Machiyama
abstract painting
Artwork: Before I know by Kotaro Machiyama
painting by Japanese artist
Artwork: Empty by Kotaro Machiyama
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