Oh my word, I love these so much.

These beautiful large-scale works are by UK based artist Jackson Woodcock.

Here is part of his artist statement:

I am concerned with the ‘found object’ as a macro lens into painting materials; reinventing site specific matter (slate, lime and chalk) into painting media.

I research materials to develop a palette of resources to inspire and inform painting practice; using principles of composition and experimenting with traditional board and canvas, utilising ‘found objects’ as autobiographical documents.

These artworks record personal journeys through collected materials at different geographical locations including the Pilgrims Way, Kent; Reculver Towers, North Kent coast and the River Avon, Bristol.

I now seek to develop my research in the analysis and characterization of pigments within the Faculty of Earth Sciences. My practice to date has explored the aesthetic and material nature of found objects; the creation and application of the media have shaped and inspired my artworks.

Situating my practice within Earth Sciences, I would wish to access the expertise and resources of the faculty to develop an inter-disciplinary lens through which to explore the potential of materials; seeking to develop methods through which to understand their physicality/geology.



black white and pink abstract textured painting
abstract textured painting
orange and black abstract art
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