So beautiful! These artworks are the work of UK artist Alice Irwin.

I’m going to let this little snippet from her site do the talking:

………The playground is an important space and an integral theme in Irwin’s practice. She looks at different memories, social skills, imagination and psychological trauma felt in such sites of activity and social interaction. Irwin wants some aspects of her work to be playful, naive and comical, whilst others will be more thought provoking.

Irwin references the theme of snakes and ladders in her work and the ladder is becoming a strong structural element in many of her larger works, both print and sculpture. The ladder suggests positivity, and its elements – certainly in its ‘feet’ – allow for a symbolic reference to human beings. The snake is referenced in the figures, which in turn refer to jigsaw puzzles, another structural element in her artwork.

pink blue abstract painting
abstract art on paper
blue abstract artwork
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