I love the luminosity of  these beautiful abstract paintings by American painter Debra Drexler. Her large scale paintings are human sized immersing the viewer within the frame of the painting.

Her is a snipped from her artist statement :

My work is informed both by participating in the contemporary resurgence of abstraction coming out of New York, and by living in the Post Colonial Pacific for close to three decades.

In the 21st century, much of our experience is mediated through the screens of our devices. In contrast, the making and viewing of paintings remains a direct, immersive experience. I aim to take us to a state of timelessness that is primal in its humanity, disconnecting us momentarily from the mediated “now” of our electronic devices, and connecting us to a “now” that gives us a glimpse of the infinite.

It is painting that challenges through its brazen sincerity, abandonment of the ego, and ancient materiality.

At first glance my paintings seem effortless and playful, but upon closer examination the work is intricate and multifaceted. Numerous layers, which contrast areas of depth and flatness, organic and synthetic color, matt and gloss surfaces, create complex spatial interactions.

In places, the bare canvas is allowed to shine through, while other zones of the painting are encased in over forty layers of paint. The edges of the mark tell the story of excavation, history, and time. Sometimes the same brushstroke in the same place is repeated over and over, belying the illusion of spontaneity it presents.

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abstract painting by american artist
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