abstract painting
Dynamic Colorful Paintings By Mwanel Pierre-Louis
Mwanel Pierre-Louis is an US-based artist.  His colorful paintings delivery a great combination of abstraction and realism. He draws inspiration from personal interactions and pop references. Here is a snipped from Mwanel’s…
abstract painting
Amazing Raw Abstract Compositions By Thai Mainhard
Here is a selection of raw, abstract compositions by artist Thai Mainhard,  originally from Brazilian she is now living in California. She is an intuitive painter and her spontaneous brushstrokes are a…
painting on canvas by James Reynolds
Interview with London based artist James Reynolds

We are a huge fan of James Reynold’s work. James explores landscape and figurative themes with a sense of abstraction. His bold paintings show intensity, depth and a sense of perspective that captures and…

abstract landscape painting
Beautiful Abstract Landscape Paintings By NEELAM PADTE
Love those abstract landscape paintings by US-based artist Neelam Padte. Her compositions are continuously evolving forms creating a beautiful, simplistic balance. Taken from the artist statement on her website: I express my…
abstract painting
Abstract Delights By New York Artist Joanne Greenbaum
Abstract paintings and sculptures by New-York based artist Joanne Greenbaum. Created in a playful palette, Greenbaum’s abstractions are a melting pot of architectural forms, irregular shapes, and childlike doodles. I love how…
blank canvas on easel
5 Ways To Power Through Your Creative Block
Don’t you dread the moments when you sit at your desk, stare at the blank canvas and wait for inspiration? You dive deep into your pool of ideas, but you come up…

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