I truly admire the work by London based artist Steven Porter.

His abstract ink drawings on paper are distinct and colour-rich in style. The beautiful organic, translucent forms have a delicate tonal dexterity allows the work to capture light.

Porter works with precision in haste, creating bright and buoyant figures.

Steven’s ink drawings are material explorations in form and colour, which feature coloured forms on a stark white background which simply falls away.

He says that “the ink drawings are made quickly to trap the idea before [he loses] it,” and the forms themselves capture the freshness of a new idea.

These forms are architectural and geometric, as though a shape has been loosely tessellated and shifted around the page.

Enjoy and admire the beautiful forms and colours!

Artwork: City 23 by Steven Porter
Artwork: City 8 by Steven Porter
Artwork: City 13 by Steven Porter
Artwork: City 13 by Steven Porter
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