There are times when being an artist is a struggle.

The creative process involves rigorous mental and physical effort.
Besides, it’s also a very competitive career path to take.

With thousands of creative professionals trying to make it in the art world, pursuing the life of an artist can become very disheartening.

But, the trick is to keep moving forward despite all the obstacles you face. When that becomes hard, it can help to look at the masters for inspiration, artistic and otherwise.

Most great artists didn’t have it easy.

They struggled too. Yet, they managed to find ways to move forward despite them.

They managed to place their total focus on their art because they believed in themselves.

We know Pablo Picasso for revolutionizing art. He is famous for his innovative technique and profound understanding of the human form. Yet, like many great artists, his work was heavily criticized in the beginning.

Read on to learn from six of the greatest masters.

1. Pablo Picasso — Have the courage to be yourself

black and white photo of Pablo Picasso

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