Beautiful paintings with gorgeous palettes, perfect lines, and huge fields of monochrome background space that take my breath away.

This is the work of Netherlands based artist Jeroen Allart.

His flat, monochrome paintings depicting birds, cowboy portraits and landscapes with a very distinct, low horizon line.

Here is the description found on his  Saatchi Art page:

His skilful manner of dealing with paint leads to the creation of nearly hyperrealistic compositions. Looked at from a distance, they appear to be more like prints or cut outs rather than paintings, without a single brush stroke to be found. The 2015 works do not form a series, nevertheless they could be seen as one. The beach scenes recall snapshots showing people from behind. They are seen from a low view, so that the observer needs to raise his eyes to see the whole. There are no unnecessary details distracting from the compositions.

dutch landscape painting
dutch landscape
painting of a cat
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